Put them up

You can now put your works of art up. Some people prefer to use Scotch tape/Sellotape. I prefer to use transparent push-pins. Note that some printers, especially inkjet printers don't print in exactly the same place on each page. When you align your pages, do it based on the printed dots and not the paper edges.

You will also have white borders on each page. dotamatic prints as close to each margin as the print driver allows. Some people leave the borders there when putting the pages up. This gives a framing effect to each page. Others carefully trim them away.

If the page has a lot of ink on it, it may start peeling up if printed on a laser printer or get a corrugated effect if printed on an inkjet. You can change the printer options to be more economical with the ink. The results are supposed to be viewed from several feet back, so minor detail doesn't matter that much.

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dotamatic 0.2              10 April 2004